Expensive travel to Tonga

Vacationing in Tonga.

The land's end where the sun is born every morning


Tonga is a small island kingdom at the far corner of the earth. Lost in the vast expanses of the Pacific, this paradise archipelago yet untouched by the madness of high-volume tourist industry is unlike any other place or resort you have been to. If you are looking for truly amazing nature and convenient accommodations away from the daily hubbub of big cities – go to Tonga, the best destination for expensive tourism in Polynesia.


A kingdom at the far corner of the earth

The archipelago of Tonga is located in the South West Pacific Ocean and consists of more than 170 islands extending along the north-to-south axis for 630 kilometers. The total population of the kingdom is just 110,000 people. Only a small number of tourists have yet set foot on this pristine land which greets each new sunrise ahead of the rest of the planet.

Tonga is a unique country. It has never been colonized, which fact contributes greatly to strong local traditions and openness and authenticity of the people. The legendary seafarer James Cook named Tonga 'Friendly Islands'.

The locals are indeed gracious and welcoming, and their caring attitude toward visitors may be reflected in any small detail. For instance, when it comes to punctuality, Tongans are famously inaccurate, to the point of having their own concept of time, so if someone local calls a taxi, it is assumed by all parties that arriving up to one hour late is normal for the driver. Foreigners, however, will get their taxi service on time as, in this case, the regard for the visitors is more important to the driver than the tradition.

Tongans are quite religious. Most locals, including the royal family, belong to the Methodist Church, although there are Roman Catholics and







Anglicans as well.

Choosing Tonga travel is the best for those who are looking for some peace and quiet away from noisy crowds and traditional resorts. Of course, traveling to this paradise at the end of the world will take two days, but private R&R with no paparazzi around is certainly worth the while.


The whole spectrum of colors


What awaits a visitor on the islands best for expensive travel? Mild tropical climate, hilly and volcanic yet covered with greenery landscapes, polyphony of exotic birds, and, last but not least, the breathtaking splendors of the Pacific undersea world.

A vacation in Polynesia is, first and foremost, diving. Traditional diving destinations, however, cannot hold a candle to the Tongan coast. At the former, the underwater species you are most likely to encounter are other divers, while the latter provides the opportunity to discover the real world of the Pacific coral reefs in all their multicolored, vibrant glory. This fact alone makes Tonga stand out among all destinations of exotic island vacations.

The coastline of Tongatapu is shaped by the tides in such a manner that you can witness a unique natural occurrence: along the beach, waves create water eruptions called oceanic blowholes. From July to November, entire herds of whales travel close to the islands. Only in Tonga you will be able to observe these giant sea mammals undisturbed and even take a swim in close proximity to them.

In just a few days of exclusive tours on Tonga Islands, you will be able to take a yacht cruise, get a good look at each major island, dive into the magic undersea realm, fly over the archipelago on a small aircraft... You will never forget your trip to the farthest corner of the earth.