Unique vacations: Tonga Islands yacht cruises

Unique travel tours: Private yacht vacations


 Clear blue sky is reflected in the vast expanse of the ocean illuminated with the golden gleams from the rays of the sun. This is the backdrop for the silhouette of a snow-white yacht, beautiful almost to the point of looking unreal, leisurely sailing toward a small island encircled with the ribbon of a white-sanded beach. Beyond the beach, one can see plants with lush green leaves and bright flowers of many colors, large butterflies hovering above them.

 On board the yacht, tanned women and men drink cold coconut juice. They are relaxed and happy. Are you one of them?

 Vacationing on a yacht used to be a privilege of a lucky few, and even nowadays this kind of leisure is considered rather expensive. But a yacht cruise is worth its cost. What can be better than Polynesia travel? Only the unique experience of Polynesia yacht travel! Private yacht vacations near the coast of Tonga? Sure! Just imagine yourself in command of the entire yacht – or, a full crew with a professional skipper can step up to the task if you so choose, in which case you will be free to get your Tongan tan, swim in the ocean, and enjoy the scenery.

 The ocean near Tonga Islands is truly magnificent. The water is so clear that it is possible to see the yacht's anchor on the ocean floor 30 meters down. Those lucky few who have discovered for themselves the exclusive tourism in Tonga are so surprised with the crystal clarity of the water that







they liken Tongan coastal waters to a well-tended fish tank.

 Another attraction is the fascinating tropical islands where you will be able to stop by and have a snack or lunch in one of the peculiar marina cafes.

 Exclusive, unforgettable experience is guaranteed! You will see a plethora of rare exotic species of animals and plants. The courtship dances of humpback whales alone are a sight of a lifetime – but then there is the tortoises, the birds, the fish, the butterflies, and many others.

 Safety and convenience considerations are well thought out and followed through. All Okeanna's partners are tried and true, experienced and certified professionals using reliable safety procedures which in conjunction with the high quality insurance offered through Okeanna reduce the risk to minimal and make rescue operations quick and effective in any circumstances.

 The yachting companies working with Okeanna provide for our unique travel tours only new yachts in perfect operational condition. As for the challenges of navigating the coastal waters abundant with coral reefs, our experienced captains will meet them with ease. And in case you would like to try your own hand at the tiller, just fill out our questionnaire to confirm your skill, and you will be given your chance along with the local map and, optionally, a first mate.

 If you choose a yacht cruise near Tonga Islands, you choose a unique vacation certain to become a delightful memory for years to come.