Whale watching tours in Tonga

whale watching tours


 Choosing the destination of your expensive vacation, you'd better be sure that you will be getting your money's worth. Vacationing alongside whales is just the thing. There are only three places in the whole world where you can watch these giants in close proximity, and with Okeanna you can easily visit one of them.

 Every year, more than four hundred humpback whales come to the coastal waters of Tonga to stay from July to November. The size of these sea mammals is quite impressive – they grow up to 15 meters (50 feet) long and can weigh 45 tons. Imagine four cars parked back to back, and you will get an approximate idea of the size of an adult specimen. Of course, you are not allowed to approach such giants on your own, but guided whale watching tours are available.

 This is the kind of adventure you will never forget. Depending on your swimming abilities, you can watch the whales either while swimming right nearby under the supervision of an experienced guide or from onboard a comfortable yacht. And to be sure, there is a whole lot to look at! For instance, the whale courting dances, with their caressing touches and gentle play of colossal bodies diving deep down in pairs and then rising slowly together, belly against belly.

 It is difficult to put in words what you feel when seeing two immense






animals jumping almost entirely out of water and literally standing on their tails. And their breathtaking songs! Male whales dedicate to their beloved ladies real serenades.

 Since whale pregnancy lasts exactly one year, little ones are also born here in Tongan waters. Before a newborn takes its first breath, it must swim up and break the water surface, being gently helped in this endeavor by its mom. And you might just get lucky enough to witness this.

 Whale watching cruises are perfectly safe. The professionals who organize the tours ask to observe certain rules, such as enter the water quietly, make no sudden moves, refrain from harassing the animals, and follow instructor's orders precisely. As long as these rules are observed, swimming near whales is safe, and you are free to enjoy the unique experience of proximity with these enormous extraordinary beings.

 There is an option to participate in scientific studies of humpback whales. Scientists working in Tongan waters take pictures, video and audio records, perform blood tests in order to study their DNA, etc. You can become a part of a scientific team as a volunteer.

 Needless to say, your photographs with the whales will become an undeniable proof of the fact that your expensive vacation has been truly outstanding.