Wedding ceremonies on Tonga Islands

Expensive wedding ideas – tropical weddings in Tonga


Browsing through wedding photo albums, have you ever caught yourself on the feeling that most of them look like copies of each other? Only the faces are different, and there are some variations in brides' gowns and the clothes of the guests. Even the most expensive wedding ideas aimed at creating an extraordinary event, produce a series of fairly typical pictures in family albums.

Would you like to have a genuinely unique wedding? Or maybe you are planning your marriage anniversary and make the ceremony truly grand?

Let Okeanna know of your wish, order a tropical island wedding ceremony and get rid of all the cares and worries of planning and organizing this important event – be free to focus on the things which matter most, your feelings.

Love. It is reflected in the wavy expanse of the sea, scents of tropical flowers, clear blue skies. It permeates every look, every kiss, and every embrace.

Warmth. The air and water temperature in Tonga are more or less constant, and summer reigns here even when Europe and North America are in the cold hands of winter. That is another advantage of tropical weddings: the bride in lightest, lacy extravaganza accentuating the beauty of her body; the groom in a flowing costume, a real prince out of maidens' dreams.







Tenderness. Finest sand softly massages your feet, rays of the sun caress the skin, ocean spray pleasantly cools the body.

Happiness. Everything is suffused with it, it can be breathed and grows with every gulp of air. You want to sing, to dance, to give others beautiful gifts of smiles and kind words.

Pleasure. For the bride, the pleasure of being Aphrodite appearing out of the sea foam. For the groom, the pleasure of being a real man in possession of the most beautiful woman. For the guests, the pleasure of being true VIPs attending the event of the century yet simultaneously being on vacation and taking in the almost unreal glory of nature all around.

Your unique wedding ceremony held on the islands of Tonga Kingdom will be treasured in the memory of every participant owing to a thousand wonders worth remembering, as well as in a series of delightful romantic photographs so enjoyable to leaf through on a winter evening. Yes, such a wedding costs dearly. But it is not as dear in terms of money (although a good wedding is bound to be expensive) as in regard to the emotions, experiences, and memories – and the fact that after such weddings, divorces are very rare.

A wedding on Tonga Islands: exclusive, delightful, genuine – for those who seeks joy, love, and happiness.