Diving: Tonga Islands

A VIP diving vacation on the best of islands


Whether you are used to putting on the accessories for scuba or have never heard anything about it, when choosing to spend your diving vacation in the Pacific with Okeanna, you will enjoy undersea adventures on Tonga Islands where underwater tours are accessible to anyone.

Both a beginner and an experienced diver can have many memorable experiences on Tonga. So, what are the advantages of VIP diving in this part of the Pacific?

The freedom. Tonga Islands are still free from being overcrowded with visitors, and the entire expanse of the ocean is yours.

The excitement. This part of the Pacific boasts a rich and diverse subaquatic environment. You can enjoy viewing coral reefs of unimaginable beauty and intricate shapes of seaweed, take a look inside underwater caves, where sea serpents might make their den, and observe the behavior of motley multitudes of coral fish.

The rarity. Tonga is considered the best islands for vacation, especially given its famous scuba spots, but from July to November every year something truly unique is happening here. At this time of year, hundreds of humpback whales come to the islands from the Antarctic in order to give birth and raise their young.

First, one can witness their love games, when the males display






persistence while the females become real teases, not immediately responding to their courtship. And in a while, whales caring for their offspring and preparing the little ones for the long journey to the cold waters of the Antarctic make a curious and heart-warming scene.

Although scuba diving near whales is prohibited in Tonga, you can go snorkeling in close proximity to them. Whale watching tours are conducted in full compliance with the rules of safety and environment regulations, allowing visitors to observe these giant sea creatures without interfering.

The service. On Tonga Islands, you will always be treated like royalty. The dives are adjusted according to your preparation level, and all scuba gear is available in case you do not have your own. After diving, snacks and drinks are awaiting you, and if your VIP diving tour is a long one, meals are served according to the schedule of the day.

The safety. Newbies as well as seasoned divers will appreciate the fact that in Tonga all safety issues are given utmost consideration. All diving procedures are supervised by the Divers Alert Network (DAN). This organization is able to provide quick first aid and rescue services on the spot followed by quality medical treatment.

Your diving vacation in the Pacific with Okeanna is guaranteed to be both exciting and totally safe.